Friday, August 24, 2007

What is a Girl?

A girl is a powder puff dipped in stars. She's the mist on the meadow and the foam on the surf. She's a bunch of fresh violets sparkling with dew.

A girl is a pink ball gown embroidered with dreams. She's an aura of fragrance wafted on a moonlit breeze. She's a cloud of ivory satin and heirloom lace floating down the aisle. She's radiance wreathed in a bridal veil.

A girl is a sliver of sunshine. Her smile can melt the hailstorm in your heart and lift you from the depths of despair. She bubbles over with joy at the smallest surprise and takes delight in life's simplest pleasures. She makes me feel young again.

A girl has the strength of the butterfly but a will of an iron. She can move strong men to tears and turn the plans of statesmen upside down. Though she cannot follow a road map, she can alter the course of world history. Charm is her strongest weapon against the will of man.

A girl cannot be pinned down, reasoned with, or completely won over by logic. She is guided by compassion and led by ideas. Though she may not listen to you, she will always listen to her heart.

A girl dreams romantic dreams beyond the scope of man. She sees a prince in a pauper and a saint among thieves. Her eyes are fortified with insight and her judgment with love. She sees what she want to see, hears what she wants to hear and believes what she wants to believe. She accepts you, not for what you are today, but for what she knows you can be.

A lovely girl transcends the ordinary present to star in man's most extravagant dreams. She makes him feel twice as big as he is.
A girl is a wife, a mother, a nurse, and a friend. Her heart aches when you are sad. She would bear your pain for you if she could.

A girl is a woman. Though she may look fragile, she has a strength of spirit that has held families together for generations. Little things upset her, but in a real crisis her courage is often magnificent.

A girl is a baffling but enchanting creature who was never meant to be understood by the simple mind of man. A girl is to love... forever.

~Corinne Adria Bariteau~

From Coronet, Vol. II, Dec. 1973

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