Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting My Feet Wet

When we hear someone speak of water forms, sometimes paranoid thoughts that range from freezing in cold water to shark attacks to a human-devouring giant squid crosses our minds. Seeing a giant squid is scary enough but in real life, we have so many horrors when challenged to conquer the unknown. And one of the ways to lessen our fears is to be prepared when we are finally in the face of difficulty... The best way to be prepared is to dare.

We dare to be prepared.

The most common way we "test" the waters when we go for a swim is to touch the waters using our feet. Is it too cold? Is it too warm? Now, is it just the right temperature? Yes? Now take a pluuuuunge! Feels refreshing being able to do that, right?

I named my blog "getting my feet wet" because I feel exactly the same.

It feels exhilarating to be able to start this blog when life often demands to just let my passion for writing slip away. I accepted the challenge to pursue writing despite having fears of my craft being neglected and criticized.

I think fear exists not only because we lack confidence in ourselves. It exists because we feed them with our daily troubles. I feel shy and often in doubt because of this fear eating me up. Isn't it funny that we feed fear in order to let it eat us? But I realize this too, the reason why I'm so scared is because I am affected with criticisms.

After giving blogging a try, I found out that being affected is a good thing after all because it means I care so much about writing.

When faced with doubt, I often think that no one ever took a refreshing bath without getting their feet wet... That is, no one except Achilles (Well, we all know what happened to him). So since I am not him, I need to go to the murky waters of the unknown and face the future with hope despite fear of failures and disappointments and this is how I will achieve my dreams.


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