Monday, May 18, 2009

Books I Have Read

I realized that I should have listed the books I've read a long time ago, that way, I won't forget about them. I quote this from Paula Cohen, author of 'Jane Austen in Scarsdale':

"Books don't get used up. They are not like clothes or furniture. We keep them because we might want to read them again... and they remind us of how we felt when we read them."
But because I find it hard to do so, let me just share to you this link in my read list from Goodreads. I just want to clarify that just because I read them, does not mean I like them all. I just read some of the books out of curiosity so there's no point in telling me that I've been reading crap.

my read shelf

Enough said. Just click the icon above for my read list and feel free to add me in Goodreads or comment below for next book to read suggestions.




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