Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Girls Myspace Comments

Okay! I admit, the first entry wasn't that polite. So I'm going to post another entry and since this blog is new -and I'm not even sure if I've christened it right- I'm going to put some things about myself. I'm sure this will be nothing like the assignment our psychology teacher gave us two semesters ago which by the way, required us to write one thousand words about ourselves that required more than five pages of yellow paper. No this will be brief and concise. So take a deep breath and read on...

First off, I want to state that I am not comfortable to reveal my name on this blog. Though there are other ways that my real name could be acquired, I still won't say it straightforward here (you can research though =p), but I do have many nicknames and sometimes I call them pen names because I am an aspiring writer. They are daena, anamellie, and hana.

As I have said, I dream to be a writer or even a novelist and I have been writing stories since I was ten. Sad to say, some of my works are unfinished. Much worse, some are irretrievable because of the recent hard disk crash. :(

Anyway... moving on.

I am a college student who enjoys life the way a college student should. Translation: The pressure of having to pass and the joys of passing.

People always assume that I am shy and aloof. Those impressions don't often last especially when they get to know me better. In short, I am just like a box of fireworks waiting to be lit.

As of Today, there are 150 days until my next birthday for which I would have nineteen candles on my cake. Ok. Go figure that out.

I am a person who loves collecting bookmarks and quotes and I'm also a bookworm. I love to read a lot of books to stimulate my mind. Don't get me wrong though. I don't really love academic books because I find them uninteresting sometimes. Peace to my Professors!

Music = Life

I love music and I can't live without it. I could listen to all the genres as long as they wouldn't hurt my eardrums. My personal favorites are from the 90's and beyond.

My favorite colors are pink and green. I'm not really obsessed (as in "everything-i-own-are-colored-pink-and-green") about these two colors but I think they are pleasing to my eyes.

I love to travel to beautiful places and watch wonderful scenery and breathtaking sights.

I love to sing but I hate to dance even though I know how (a little). During our PE class, we were required to perform a group dance presentation and we even received the honor to have the highest possible grade. I'm not bragging. =p

That's all. Wasn't that too short. I do wish I were not too random. ;)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Simple Questions with Not so Clear Answers

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There are so many simple questions that we often neglect answering properly... I just listed some of them... =p

1. Have you already eaten?

-i'm not hungry...

2. Is your mother around?


3. what time is your class?

-this afternoon...

4. Where have you been?

-just somewhere...

5. How did you do it?

-it's easy...

6. Why were you not around yesterday?

-i was absent...

7. What time is it?

-still early!

8. Where do you like to eat?

-how about you?

9. Where are you?

-i'm coming!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear John (a novel by nicholas sparks)

Warning: This blog entry may contain spoilers. If you are still planning to read this book and don't want to know about the surprises, do not continue to read... You have been warned!!!

The book is heartbreaking yet bittersweet... and it gives us a view about one of the most asked question of all time:

"What is true love?"

It's the question that you'll repeatedly ask and try to answer while reading the book, and you'd find that the answer may make you change what you believe about what true love is. The book talks about sacrifices, choices, and pains that make truly loving another worthwhile. It may not speak literally of staying physically forever with the person you've set your heart to, but it tells us that true love doesn't die. For all the memories of real, strong, and powerful love are ours to keep wherever we go... and when we look back on those memories, we may experience pain for that lost true love but still be able to smile to ourselves as we think that seeing our loved one happy gives us the power to sustain that love for the rest of our lives.


... and to tell you the truth, I was still crying long after I've read the Epilogue... it must have been that tear jerker huh?

A realization: "When we love, we must accept that pain is part of the package".