Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear John (a novel by nicholas sparks)

Warning: This blog entry may contain spoilers. If you are still planning to read this book and don't want to know about the surprises, do not continue to read... You have been warned!!!

The book is heartbreaking yet bittersweet... and it gives us a view about one of the most asked question of all time:

"What is true love?"

It's the question that you'll repeatedly ask and try to answer while reading the book, and you'd find that the answer may make you change what you believe about what true love is. The book talks about sacrifices, choices, and pains that make truly loving another worthwhile. It may not speak literally of staying physically forever with the person you've set your heart to, but it tells us that true love doesn't die. For all the memories of real, strong, and powerful love are ours to keep wherever we go... and when we look back on those memories, we may experience pain for that lost true love but still be able to smile to ourselves as we think that seeing our loved one happy gives us the power to sustain that love for the rest of our lives.


... and to tell you the truth, I was still crying long after I've read the Epilogue... it must have been that tear jerker huh?

A realization: "When we love, we must accept that pain is part of the package".


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