Saturday, December 27, 2008

Memory of the Past

"I'll keep on living in this never ending snow, so the dreams I shared with you will never melt away."

This was what Hatori Souma said... and it really touched me so much that even though I have heard this line on one of the scenes of an anime (Fruits Basket), I think that it is an unbearable thing for such a character to have a sad past. And a bittersweet one in addition to that. I can't help but cry seeing that scene with Hatori...

Preserving a memory of the past that you really don't want to let go, you keep that memory within you, with great belief that it's okay to hold on. Even though the person you have been offering these dreams has been long gone.

But it's also sad, knowing that the emptiness in your heart, brought about by that snowstorm would not be easily healed... It's too sad, knowing that no matter how hard you would want to wait, Spring would not come.

And the feeling is so painful that it's really better to forget. But Hatori opted to be trapped in that everlasting snow. A snowstorm where the memories would forever circle and engulf him forever.

This was his choice. But did he really make a good one? Why wait for something you know you can't have ever again? I wanted to question him, but then I realized that that's what love really is. That it's willing to make sacrifices no matter what happens. Love let's go, but there will always be something to remind us that it once existed. There is no point in denying that.

What Hatori feels was too great a memory of the past that it did survive in that space where he wanted it to be... forever preserved and untouched.

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