Thursday, November 6, 2008

Facing the Deep Blue

It’s a nervous thought. It’s really scary, looking beyond tomorrow and imagining what would happen to us in the future. I guess we really can’t help it, especially because all of us have that certain fear of the unknown. Here we are in college, preparing ourselves for the big “it” (The greatest turning point in our lives). Our performance in college would be the greatest basis of what we will be in our premium years.

When I think about it, I often end up with the most stupid but accurate analogy of sea turtles. I don’t know, but the more I think about it, the more I can relate our very lives (as students) to that of the sea turtles’.

By the time sea turtles are lay by their parents, deeply buried and hidden beneath the sand, they wait for the time that they are hatched. Sometimes, they don’t even reach that stage because of certain predators that eat them while they are still inside their shells… and at that stage; they die, without even the idea of how great the deep blue is.

Lucky sea turtles make it to another stage, and they experience the breath of life. Excited, they all crawl and make their way to the greatest adventure of all, to face the deep blue. Rushing through the shore, all one hundred of them are ready to become "Ambassadors of the sea". They want to explore it so badly that they didn’t notice the arrival of sharp-toothed sharks. They happily enjoy the warm water and then… the next second, they are already being attacked by those cruel predators. A bountiful number of sea turtles would narrow down to ten. It is now such a small number compared to how many they were from the very start.

Our parents carefully prepared us for our individual breakthroughs. Just like the sea turtles, we have been concealed and protected against those certain “predators” in our lives; predators that would cause us to drop school or put an end to our existence… (You know what I mean). Nowadays, most of us look for our predators instead of the other way around. For example, when we feel like having that certain urge to stay in bed the whole day instead of preparing for school, or going to the mall with our peers even though we still have huge piles of paperwork or projects on our desks; we place ourselves as very delicious meals for these predators that would hinder our success. And I think the difference between us and sea turtles is that they can’t do anything about their ill fate while we have complete control about everything that would happen to us.

Our life story doesn’t end there. What about the ten sea turtles that survived? They would compete against each other as they travel. Some would circle the world while some would die trying. Some would even stay on safe zones. These injured sea turtles are just like us when we continue our battles after graduating and earning a degree in college, and eventually we would succeed in what we really want…

Facing the deep blue, the sea turtles would have a look of contentment on their faces, and a grin which says, “I did it!”


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