Saturday, May 30, 2009

top ten things to do when stuck on a mountain

10. Have your picture taken with the cow and have a sitcom with the goat. Eating grass should gain their trust. =p

9. Eat cottonseed- This should test your patience since they're very tiny and you have to remove it's outer covering. Hint: Have you ever eaten squash seeds?

8. Lie on the meadows and 'kiss' the rain pouring on your face- one way of reuniting with nature.

7. Climb trees. Warning: Watch out for red ants, they bite like hell!

6. Piss off your cousin until he decides to 'kidnap' your left shoe and asks you for a chocolate bar as a ransom.

5. Forget the chocolate bar: Give the other pair of shoe to him and tell him to 'take care of it'. Next, take out the emergency slippers tucked inside your backpack and... voila! You just made the 'kidnapper' a candidate for anger-management. ^_^

4. Open your umbrella, let it catch the wind, and let it 'fly'! Watch it go away... away... way... ay...

3. Sing at the top of your lungs. No one's going to hear you anyway... except perhaps grasshoppers, bugs, snakes... etc.

2. Eat using banana leaves as a plate. This should be fun... as long as you have food, anyway.

and the number 1 thing to do when you're stuck on a mountain...

1. Walk really slowly since the ground is really wet and slippery. Oh, I realize that it's out of the question. Your feet is dipped in thick, heavy mud, anyway... hahaha...

Take it from me... But seriously. It's your choice. This is just me making a random list for the things that happened during our out of town. So much fun!  :)

Place of realization: Barili, Cebu
Date: May 30, 2009
With whom: My family!

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