Sunday, May 29, 2011

Away from him

Being in a long distance relationship isn't easy. There are times that you want to hug that person you love so badly yet you can't. Everywhere you go, whatever you do, it seems you always remember him and your memories together. It's a painful feeling to be missing him. You often cry yourself to sleep because of it and you seem to be always looking at your phone/email/facebook as you constantly wait for him to get in touch.

I've experienced it. I've had long nights of tossing and turning in my bed wondering how he is at that moment I'm thinking of him, or wondering, "Is he thinking of me too?"

"How is he?"

"Has he already eaten his dinner?"

"Where is he going tomorrow?"

"What time will he be online?"

Questions. Those are just few of the questions I often ask myself as I wonder about him. Questions that at that early dawn can only be answered by my imaginative and playful mind as I look at our pictures together.

Many things had happened in each of our lives as we've grown physically apart. Sometimes, I wonder if we would still be able to connect and relate to each other as we now have lesser common interests and environment. Little by little, distance is trying to make a stranger out of the one I love.

But I will not allow it to happen.

At this time, I learned that being in a long distance is a wonderful experience to know more and explore more about his qualities. Observing him from afar gives me a clearer view of the person I love so much. For me, whoever said that "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." is correct- in a way. Correct, because distance makes us miss the person we love most because of not being with him for a long time. The not so correct part, because distance only makes the heart grow fonder for those who choose to "grow fond".

In the past two months (which seems to me years) that we've been apart, I learned that love is not for the weak hearted, nor it is for doubting souls. Love can never be called love unless it is paired with faith and hope. These three things can work wonders in a relationship. "Also, trust and discipline", he told me. "These two are important for our relationship to work out."

I am confident that we can beat all the odds. One day, I shall be with him again and when that time comes, it will be forever.

~anamellie 052911

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