Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little Princess

Today, I and my siblings watched A Little Princess, a film directed by Alfonso Cuarón starred by Leisel Matthews. Having watched the movie about gazillion times, well maybe not that much but more than about 5 times, I thought I knew everything this movie could offer. I thought it would no longer touch me like how it did after watching it a few times. I've read also the book where this movie is adapted from and I found the movie enchanting like how the novel brought inspiration to me and kindled my heart.

The story is of a little girl named Sara, who had everything she could wish for. All except she had lost both her mother and her baby sister. She and her father lived in India where Sara spent her childhood. When she was old enough, she was required to attend a seminary for girls in New York. After sending Sara there, her father left for the war, and Sara's fate was left to a cruel and selfish headmaster, Miss Minchin.

Not to put too many spoilers to the few people who haven't watched the film adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic, let me show you the things I learned from the movie and the book.

1. "Every girl is a Princess." (and "All boys are Princes") - I really put this in number one because I believe how empowering this statement could be. It taught me that no matter how many hardships in life you may encounter, you must raise your head up high and not let situations or instances bully you. Because you are greater than what you think you are. Whether you are "in rags and even if you go and sleep in dirty attics."
Well, that's just figuratively speaking, a line from the movie. But the point is, even if you have nothing, you can't just tell your self you can't give more or become someone greater.

2. "Believe in the magic."- This line from the movie is not new to me. It is one of the sayings that we often hear. But do we truly believe in it? If you ask me the same question, Yes. Because magic for me takes the form of God-given miracles. And those miracles are given to those who wait faithfully. Sometimes, things happen because subconsciously, we will it to be. So instead of expecting the worst to happen in our lives, we should be grateful with the blessings that have already happened to us, putting our fingers together and being hopeful and in humility, believe.

3. The power of generosity. - I know perfectly how it works as I've seen many instances in real life depicting genuine generosity. But I can't close this entry without sharing the most touching part of the movie for me...

It was when Sara became an errand girl and was asked to go to the market. Basket in hand, she went on the chilly streets of New York where there were so many penniless people who hungered for food. Sara, with her ragged and filthy clothes, was mistaken as one of them by a little boy and he gave her some money. The mother of the boy scolded him for doing it. Sara tried to return the money but the woman shooed her away. Really hungry that time, she bought some bread from the bakery with the money the boy gave her. Sitting down at a stoned staircase amidst the chilly wind, she was about to have a bite of the bread when she noticed a hungry little girl across the street staring at her eating and looking as if she could taste the bread herself. Sara found out that they were a family without a father as she saw the mother of the girl holding a month-old baby. Beside the girl was probably her older sister, arms outstretched to passersby and holding a long-long stemmed yellow rose who looked as if it had been worn out by the wind. The mother was continuously chanting "would you like to buy a flower?... one flower.. please." Without a second thought, Sara gave the bread to the hungry child and the family thanked her as they handed Sara a flower. On the way home, Sara passed by the house of the old man who had lost his son from the war. Thinking it would cheer him up, Sara put the rose on his front door.

And that was how long that generosity traveled. And her not knowing, (spoiler alert) Sara's father, who had lost his memory from the grim war was adopted by that same old man until he recovered.

And the fourth thing that touched my heart is this...

4. The song lyrics from the movie which said: "Let my heart kindle your heart." Need I explain?

and I just realized I mentioned the "kindle my heart" thing at the start of this entry.. :D

~anamellie 070811

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